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J’ai eu quelques échanges par courriel avec Mme June Barry. Mme Barry a trouvé le livre de Roland Barrière sur mon site et  cherchait à s’en procurer une copie papier. Elle m’a expliqué que son mari descendait d’un Barrière qui avait modifié son nom pour Barry. Elle mène ces recherches pour ses enfants, descendants de Barrière. Elle m’a envoyé quelques photos et accepte de les voir ici publiées.

Voici quelques extraits de nos échanges.

I would like to buy the Rene Barriere book. I was so happy to find it. Although I can’t read French, I want to have it translated. My now deceased husband is Wilfred Ovilo Barry. His father Ovila Romeo Barriere changed his name to Thomas Barry probably in the 30s. His father was Hormidas Barriere who changed his name to Wilfred H Barriere. Hormidas was a son of Moise’s. I can’t tell you how happy I am to find your email. I live in Oak Brook Illinois. I have 3 children and grandchildren. Thanks so much for uploading the Rene Barriere info and the pics. Wow! I have a Facebook account (under the name June Wonecke Barry) and just friended you, but I am computer stupid and have never posted anything on Facebook. My granddaughter set up the account for me and all of her friend’s chats seem to hop onto my account. Don’t really know how Facebook works.
June Barry

Wilfred Hormidas Barriere

Wilfred Hormidas Barrière

Hi Marc,

Moise Barriere and Celeste Loiselle are my great grandchildren’s 4th greatgrandparents through Horimidas Barriere aka Wilfred H Barriere from Worcester MA. To find a picture of Moise on your download was really exciting. Two more Barrieres aka Barry were born this week to my family.

The wives of two different grandsons had baby boys – William and Carter. We have Hormidas’s picture. It is posted on ancestry.com. I posted it above but not sure if it will go through to you. Wilfred H Barriere was a builder of diners in Worcester MA. His brother, Napolean, worked with/for him. My husband was a home/apartment builder and developer in DuPage County IL. My son Thomas Joseph Barry is a home builder/developer. It was about 25 years ago when we found out our real name was Barriere. At that time, my husband wanted to change our last name back to Barriere and I said no. I had no idea then what a wonderful family I married into. Now that I know more about the Barriere ancestors, I wish we would have changed back to Barriere. Again, I thank you one more time for posting the Rene Barriere info. You are one of my favorite people. Here is a pic of their monument:

I have found 2 sets of 16th great grandparents to my great grandchildren. Since the pictures are going through, here is Aurore’s tombstone in Worchester, MA.

She is a daughter of Wilfred Hormidas Barriere. My sister-in-laws did meet her. This is one of my daughters next to a Barriere tombstone in Worchester MA

Suite à cet article, June a envoyé cette généalogie à toute sa famille:

This was sent to my Barry/Barriere family last week.


We all have 286,084 – 16th greatgrandparents. I found 2 sets for my great grandchildren. The number of “great”s is the number of generations minus 2 (your parents and grandparent’s generation)

16th greatgrandparents
Pierre Charron (1475-Oct 1543) = unknown
b in Meax, France – merchant fuller, maker of felt fabrics – father of 5 children

16th greatgrandparents
Jehan Gillet = Catherine Garnier
both born in France. Parents of Catherine Gillet (see below)

15th great grandparents
Gilles Charron (1500-1581) = Catherine Gillet (1520-73 age 53)
Married in 1545 in Meax, France. Both born in Meax. She is the mother of 5 of his children.
15th greatgrandparents
Etienne Desguez = unknown
Father of Faronne Deaguez (see below)

14th greatgrandparents
Estienne Charron (1545-Oct 1610) = Faronne Desguez (1550-) – second wife
Both born in Meax, France and married there in 1575. He was a merchant fuller maker of felt fabrics

14th greatgrandparents
Jean Babault = Perrette Riviere
Parents of Madeline Babautlt (see below)

13th greatgrandparents
Gilles Charron (1580-) = Madeline Babault (April 1588-1637 age 48)
Both born in Meax, France and married there on June 3, 1613.

13th greatgrandparents
Pierre Martin (1690-) = Marguerite Gilbert (1632-)
Parents of Judith Martin (see below)

12th greatgrandparents
Pierre Charron (1610-45) = Judith Martin (1611-52)
Both were born in Champagne France and married there in 1635
12th greatgrandparents
Pierre Pillat (1625-) = Marquerite Moulinet (1627-)
Parents of Catherine Pillet (see below)
11th greatgrandparents
Pierre Nicholas Charron (1635-Dec 25, 1700 age 65) = Catherine Pillat (1665-1717 age 71)
He was born in Meax France. Questions about her birth (see below) . A FOUNDING MOTHER OF QUEBEC – A KING’S DAUGHTER. He was a master leather dresser. They were married on October 19, 1665 in Montreal Canada. He was 25 and she 19. They had 12 children.
10th greatgrandparents
Francois dit Larose Chagnon (1640-93 age 53) = Catherine Charron (1666-1746 age 80)
He was born in St George France and she in Montreal Canada. They were married on July 23, 1679 in Contrecoeur Canada. They both died in Vercheres Canada

9th greatgrandparents
Francois dit Livernos Benoit (1676?) = Angelique Chagnon (1667-1773 age86)
Both born in Vercheres Canada and married in lie Bouchard Canada on February 7, 1710

8th greatgrandsons
Jean Baptiste Tetrealt (1714-52) = Angelique Livernos Benoit (1713-1804) age 91)
7th great grandparents
Jean Baptiste dit Ducharme Tetreault (1736-1809) = Marie Josephe dit Larourslere Rivard (1730-1809 age 79) Married in Jan 1575 in St Charles Richelieu Quebec

6th greatgrandparents
Prudent Loiselle (April 1757-) = Marie Louise Tetreault (1760-)
They were married on July 9, 1776 in Saint Charles Richelieu Canada

5th great grandparents
Antoine Sinot Loiselle (1793-1848) = Euphrasy (Mace) Masse (b-1787)
Married in 1812 in Saint Mathias Canada

4th great grandparents
Moise Barriere (1820-1900) = Celeste Loisell (1826-)

3rd great grandparents
Wilfred Hormidas Barriere = Albina Rivet

2nd great grandparents
Thomas Ovila Romeo Barriere = Grace Barry

Great grandparents
Wilfred O Barry = June Wonecke
Thomas Joseph Barry = Nanci Sellheim

Adam Barry = Jennifer Mrazek

Donovan Barry b 2005

Of Alqonquian-Siberian origin born in France about 1651?

Based on the sound genealogical and scientific DNA evidence presented here, what can be reasonably deduced about the maternal lineage of Catherine Pillard?

The traditional belief regarding the origins of Catherine Pillard is that she was born in La Rochelle, France, immigrated to Quebec around 1663 as a “King’s daughter”, and later married Pierre Charron. Pierre and Catherine had twelve children from their marriage. Their descendants today include all the authors of this study.

The proven lineages of two of the tested individuals converge into the historical person Catherine Pillard, who lived, married and raised her large family in 1660s Nouvelle-France. Despite the existence of records of Catherine originating from France, the experts testimonies cited in this article prove it would have been impossible for her mother to be of European origin. The mtDNA evidence proves to be a rare form of Siberian haplogroup that match the Algonquian haplogroup or that of other northeastern natives of North America.
The entire article about the research is here: http://www.geninfo.org/Pillard/Pillard.html
If interested, you can print it out before it is zapped.

Full membership is for direct descendants of a King’s Daughter and/or a soldier of the Carignan Regiment. – You are a descendant of Jean dit Baisset Bessette and 2 King’s Daughter, Anne Seigneur, Mary Catherine Pillat and Pierre Nicholas Charron.

The purpose of La Société des Filles du roi et soldats du Carignan is to honor the memory of our courageous ancestors, the filles du roi (King’s Daughters) and the soldiers of the Carignan-Salières Regiment of 17th century New France.

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